THE EXPERIENCE: Escalante Village Tiny Home Community Launch


Launch one of the very first approved tiny home on wheels community in the country


Revelry consulted with Escalante Village from the very beginning. We worked with the founder on everything related to marketing, branding, website development, communications, social media, photo shoots, tiny home staging & design, tradeshows and more


  • Managed all aspects of marketing

  • Directed and created all branding and associated content

  • Website build

  • Promoted and organized brand launch at Durango Home & Ranch Show with staged tiny homes and tours

  • Manage social media channels

  • Hired interior designer to stage tiny home models

  • Secured editorial coverage locally and nationally

  • Organized and planned an open house event

  • Handle e-mail marketing efforts

  • Managed communication and property tours with potential residents

  • Handled online reservation process


Within a year of launching and before the village opened for occupancy, reservations are overbooked with a substianial waitlist and very large following of the project on social media.

Revelry could not have done a better job for this project. At times I have felt that they did too good of a job as it was difficult to keep up with all the attention that was generated from the many potential occupants from every part of the country. We did not have any experience in doing a project like this and having Revelry plan out everything from the distribution of the information, plan and publicize the showings, develop the system for taking deposits, coordinate the photography and keeping the information flowing to the future residents has made this a truly successful endeavor. Thanks Revelry.
— Bob Lieb, Founder of Escalante Village