Our partnership is founded upon a bonded lifestyle of adventure and hustle. We met in the marketing department at K2 Skis Global HQ where our complementing talents instantly united, creating a magnetic force. We are based in the Rockies- each in our respective hometowns of Durango, Colo. and Whitefish, Mont. with a collective sense of adventure and mobility.

MJ Truck-1.jpg

MJ Carroll

Durango, Colorado

MJ brings a decade of marketing experience split between agency, in-house, freelancing and entreprenuership across outdoor, ski, healthy living and adventure travel channels. With big picture energy balanced by a creative and strategic mindset, MJ thrives at helping brands find their voice and personality with purpose and character.

In case you were wondering...

  • Owner of arguably the cutest dog (ever)

  • Globetrotter

  • Addicted to green chile

  • Wanna be surfer (much better skier)

  • Lover of a good joke

  • Wild salmon advocate


ALYSSA seemann

Whitefish, Montana

Having focused on action sports and culture marketing during her years in corporate America, Alyssa is well versed in the fast paced lifestyle of rise and grind. Known for keen attention to detail, unwavering passion and an ability to connect unique influencers with one another, you can expect Alyssa to put a creative twist on everything in sight.

Just so you know...

  • Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

  • In love with Euro alpine life:

    ski, nap, cheese, repeat

  • Meant to be a cowgirl

  • Big fan of hiking... with poles

  • Bigger fan of après sessions

  • Makes the best whiskey sour out


Ellery Hight

Portland, Oregon

Ellery is our summer Marketing intern!  She believes the outdoors creates hands-on experiences that build strong and healthy relationships with mother nature and the ones we love.  Ellery is an environmental activist and a firm believer in a healthy lifestyle. You will see her surfing at the Oregon coast- all fun and games until she swallows half the Pacific, she will be upside down at yoga with her friends at least twice a day, and she is the girl that brings pyrex and bamboo forks to the farmers market to forego styrofoam “to-go” utensils. She is continually learning and growing. She likes to think the seeds planted today will grow into living a more robust life day after day. 

A few of her favorite things…

  • Cooking

  • Professional snuggler

  • Authenticity, although it sounds cheesy

  • The smell of campfire hari

  • The feeling of taking ski boots off after an epic day

  • Sound of laughter with friends & family