Red Bull

THE EXPERIENCE: Heavywater Athlete Invitation Kits


One of many projects with Red Bull, this one started with their sports team reaching out to us to assist them in creating an invitation kit for their famed SUP race, Red Bull Heavywater.


The aesthetic of the kits were to be similar to that of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, as this is the location of the race. Industrial vibes were kept top of mind when designing the kits, celebrating the history of the bridge and paying tribute to its dramatic stature over the gnarly waters the famed SUP racers would cross.


Working with a quick turnaround to execute and have the kits mailed to each invited athlete, this project defined hustle! We worked directly with one of our favorite production partners to create exactly what Red Bull wanted: a captivating invitation box housing a can of “OG” Red Bull, a personalized message-in-a-bottle and specific text detailing all event information.


  • Streamlined brand communication

  • Quick fabrication

  • Top notch quality

  • Elated invitees

  • Athlete social media sharing

To top of the fun project, our fabrication partner won an award on the kit, making Red Bull even more psyched on their partnership with Revelry!