Sh!t That I Knit

THE EXPERIENCE: Western US Roadshow


What’s worse than being in a fluorescently lit convention center for days on end? Spending A LOT of money to be in that convention center for days on end.

Sh!t That I Knit approached us to help them create an alternative plan to connecting with existing and potential retailers. The brand had ‘been there done that’ at the Outdoor Retailer (SIA) tradeshow in Denver many times.

STIK realized they were spending WAY too much money to secure a footprint at the tradeshow where none of their retailers seemed to be writing orders. Therefore their return on investment to attend the show was zero to none.

Revelry worked with the Founder and CEO to come up with an alternative to the antiquated tradeshow cycle that would hit all of their goals: have one-on-one conversations with important retailers in a comfortable environment where there wasn’t a time limit so the interaction wasn’t rushed.


We developed a plan for Sh!t That I Knit to visit existing and hopeful retailers all over the Western US over the duration of two weeks.

  • Trip timeline and planning

  • Reservations and travel bookings

  • Retailer communication

  • Pop-up events

  • Photoshoot

  • Impromptu trunk show

  • Gift boxes

  • Custom tags


Prior to arriving to local shops that would hopefully carry the beautifully knit hats, Revelry connected the CEO with prospective retail buyers so the connection was fabricated well ahead of time. This made the physical introduction very easy for duo, as it was premeditated and carefully curated so product knowledge was already in the hands of the buyer.

At existing retail accounts Revelry set up in-store events, such as hiring a local seamstress to sew on custom STIK hat labels that had the name of the town embroidered on them, enhancing the sense of community the brand has on a local level.

Lastly, for retailers located off the beaten path, Revelry conceptualized and assembled personalized gift boxes that were mailed to the store’s buyer. Each contained a carefully selected STIK hat, marketing materials to educate and accompany the surprise package, and a handwritten note from the company’s founder with her business card as a call to action sales tool.


  • Surprised potential retailers

  • Happy existing retailers

  • Change up opportunity for the STIK business model

  • STIK Founder & CEO had direct face time with her clients in their stores; shaking their hands, celebrating their businesses and unleveling weekend activity in store

  • Increase in engagement in target market (Western US)

  • Content creation

  • Seeding opportunities

  • Influencer meetups

“We had a really successful trip. Every meeting we had was really positive, energizing and will result in wholesale orders from existing stores and new stores.
I really appreciate all of your work leading up to this!!”
— Christina, Founder of STIK